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A Straight Talk promo code is that what you are looking for? Here you go!
Straight Talk, as a brand, is actually one of the products of the larger cell phone service called TracFone. TracFone has been around for quite a few years, and is using various brands, logos, and service plans to garner a larger market share.
These are the rate plans available with Straight Talk (keep in mind, these things change sometimes so you might get more current details at the company website):
- $30 per month limited
- $45 per month unlimited text, web and minutes
- $125.99 unlimited for 3 months
- $249.99 unlimited for 6 months
- $499 unlimited for 12 months
Straight Talk offers at least a dozen phones from which to choose. If you want to get a Straight Talk phone in person, there is only one place you can go WalMart. However, you can also bring your current phone from certain other providers and just buy a Straight Talk SIM card to use in it. When you do set up your account, be sure to use a discount code to get the best price!

Without a doubt, everyone in today’s society needs a cell phone. With the way our lives are today, you need to be in communication practically all the time. Your friends, family, co-workers, boss and just about everyone else you know pretty much expects to be able to reach you no matter where you are. That’s what makes a cell phone so handy. And it’s even better when you can get your cell phone at a discount by using a Straight Talk promo code to get a lower price.

Straight Talk Promo Codestraight talk promo code

Cell phone bills have gotten outrageously high. With all of the various options you can have on a typical cell provider plan, the cellular bill is starting to look more like a car payment! Especially when the whole family shares one provider. With mom and dad and two or three teenagers, the cost of 4 or 5 phones can grow quickly and substantially. Time to save some money!
A Straight Talk promo code is exactly how you save money in your budget every month. Straight Talk is the provider that claims it is possible to cut your phone bill in half. For many people, that is a very real possibility. Here is how it works:

First, you choose your cell phone. Straight Talk offers a variety of phones, including:

Each of those brands has different models available under your Straight Talk plan. They offer everything from the regular “flip phone” (the kind your parents probably use) to the more modern Smart Phones. No matter which phone you choose, be sure to apply your Straight Talk promo code when you set up your account.

Second, you need to decide on your phone number. If you already have a cell phone account that you are deactivating, or a home phone number that you are no longer going to continue using, you can have that current number transferred to your Straight Talk phone. This way, your friends and family and everyone else does not need to learn a new phone number to contact you. In fact, they won’t even know you changed phone services unless you tell them. Of course, you can always get a new phone number if you want. Your Straight Talk promo code does not limit you to a certain phone number.

The third step is to actually create your plan online at the Straight Talk website. Alternatively, you can contact them directly by phone and set up your account with one of the representatives. Either way, when you are finished you will have a new account.

An important note: you need to either call or go online and refill your plan with new minutes as you use up the time available. You can just plan on refilling every 30 days if you like. Or, what some people like to do is just watch the number of available minutes and refill only as necessary. This may be more often or less often than monthly, depending on your usage.

Straight Talk has a great selection of phones to choose from. You can get a Nokia, a Samsung, a Motorola or an LG and there are different models from each of those manufacturers. Like the old-fashioned, simple to use flip phone? No problem. Do you prefer one of the new smart phones with all the bells and whistles? Those are available too. With any of them, be sure to use your Straight Talk coupon code when you set up your account.

Another special to watch for at various times, you can get free shipping when you create a new account. This shipping discount, when in effect, applies to any Straight Talk phone you choose. Check offer details to see if you can use your code for the same transaction.

One question that comes up sometimes (usually from those that are not all that familiar with Straight Talk and the various plans) “What if I want to keep using the phone I already have? I like my phone, and don’t want to switch to a different one.” Great question! And the simple answer is: no problem. You can continue to use the phone you already have. In that case, you would just need to buy a SIM card to put in the phone in order to connect it to your new account. If you have a discount code, it can also be used to get a nice reduction on the purchase of your SIM card.

How often do you need to add minutes? This is a question that some people wonder about the refill process. That’s an issue that Straight Talk has made sure is flexible to meet the needs of different people. There are a couple of options:

Refill on demand In this case, you keep an eye on your available minutes and watch as they get used up throughout the month. Then, when you see that the remaining minutes are starting to get low, you just log in to your account and refill with the quantity of minutes you wish to purchase. So these minutes are just bought on an as-needed basis.

Auto-refill For some customers, this option takes away a bit of the stress of trying to keep track of minutes. You just set your account to refill automatically on a particular day of the month (whatever your Service End date is, that’s the day). At that time, your account automatically refills without you having to take any action on that date. This means you don’t have to remember to do it!

A benefit that this page has not even mentioned yet is the fact that you can even keep your current phone number when you set up your account.
One thing you don’t have to wonder about is where you can get your phone and your service plan there are over 3000 locations all over the US that can serve you. Whether you visit them in person, or set up your account online, be sure to ask about using your Straight Talk promo code to get the best price Straight Talk Promo Code.


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